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One morning, when John Crestani woke up, he realized that there was a great need for end-to-end marketing expertise and guidance in an extremely fragmented space. As he lay there, befuddled by the notion that companies would still hire firms that did not provide solid results, he decided he would name his company Results Driven Marketing. It was only till a few months later when he Googled his own name that he realized 15 other companies agreed it was a good name as well!

Working together as one.

We strive to integrate with your company as much as possible, to make marketing, and expanding your customer acquisition efforts in the online space as seamless as possible. Growth-hacking your company to a positive ROI is the greatest achievement we can achieve for your company, as well as creating a solidified foundation for your brand online.

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John Crestani

John is the founder/PPC wizard of Results Driven Marketing, a fast growing digital agency with expertise in SEM/search engine marketing specializing in PPC, Display and social media advertising, Analytics and Reputation Management for e-commerce, big brand, and niche industry companies.

Team Member
Tyler Ellison
Marketing Strategist
Tyler has worked with over 200 businesses online and knows what works and what fails. He'll guide your business along the path to successful ROI and exponential profits
Team Member
Canela Dog
Chief of Barketing

"Wooooof" is how Canela greets every client who visits our offices in Santa Monica. The real brains behind the company, Canela keeps everyone in check, provides support where necessary, and encourages an active company culture.

What others have achieved with our marketing...


increase in visitors


increase in sales


decrease in CPA


We create successful online marketing campaigns. Take a look at our services to see what we're all about.

Marketing has unlimited possibilities

There are literally millions of ways you can spend your marketing dollars, so where do you start? With Results, with our vast experience marketing companies in 100's of industries, we will serve as your wingman to spend your marketing dollars as efficiently as possible, in the areas that will achieve the highest ROI.

  • PPC Advertising
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Website Design & Development
We are Results - An Online Customer Acquisition Company

We help companies achieve massive growth

Grow Your Brand Online

Online advertising is still the cheapest, most cost-effective medium to market your company.

Marketing is a science. We never take guesses when it comes to marketing your company, and leverage large data-sets to make sure that the best decisions for your marketing are always being made. Its not sexy work, but its necessary. We are an odd collection of dedicated Excel nerds, analysis junkies, and marketing scientists.


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Sleepless Nights Marketing


Great Ideas Trashed


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Frequently asked questions

The way we start the process with every client is we will first perform a complete audit of your marketing efforts up until the point your currently at. This is so we can assess what areas of marketing are working for you, where there's opportunity, and whether or not you'll be a good fit for our agency. We will provide you with the completed audit either way.

You don't! Neither do we. That's why we've created an audit that is as objective as possible. We approach marketing scientifically. There's really nothing new that hasn't been marketed before in some respect, which means there's data we can draw from to help you start near the finishing line.
Our pricing varies by project, but typically includes a setup cost, as well monthly management. Our prices are quite reasonable, since our company has based its growth strategy around account growth and referrals.
We provide impeccable support, and strive to work hand-in-hand with your team. We understand marketing is a collaborative effort, involving many intangibles, and that to both grow your business and keep your brand consistent we must be proactive communicators, as well as understanding listeners.
Yes! View our testimonials, or check out any employees' Linkedin profile, and you'll find plenty of first-hand accounts of client success. Feel free to also email us, and we'll be happy to provide you with a few people to call.
She's a Husky and German Shepard mix. When she was born, I told her she was a sled dog, but I think she mis-interpreted this as being a 'shed' dog... which is why we have dog hair all over our office.

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  • Results was able to quickly provide me with a number of creative, actionable ideas to help make my marketing efforts much more effective. They were personable and always made themselves available when I needed to talk with them.

    Brain Luscombe
    Project Manager - Docstoc
  • If you're looking for someone who is a marketing scientist, then John Crestani is the person you seek. John strictly follows the scientific method and will establish ongoing split test experiments to continually optimize your sales funnel. He will also carefully monitor your campaign to ensure that you are only buying inventory that performs. He is highly competent and you will not be disappointed with him. When we first launched our campaign on adwords, we were paying $300 per customer. John managed to optimize this down to $32 per customer, and there is still more optimization work to do! Thanks again John!
    Michael Walczak
    Manager - Bedroom Guardian
  • John is a PPC ninja! I always enjoy picking his brain and gaining insights from his training. I hired/consulted with John on lead generation projects, Adwords campaign optimization, Google Analytics training, conversion optimization, PPC phone consultations and more. Bottom line, he knows his stuff from top to bottom. I don't care if you are a large brand, an ad agency, a solo practitioner or a boutique marketing company... John will help make your online campaigns more effective, delivering a better ROAS for your company or client
    Jason Wilson
    Senior Project Supervisor - Edelman